Wednesday, May 16, 2007

To The Burette

(this one's for all my lab-mates in college, for those who dont know what a burette is, its on top!)

O Ye Long and Slender One
Let the liquid from thee run!
In droplets fine or a single stream
In thee even acid doth gleam!

What beauty carved out of glass!
But thou dost break so easily, alas!
Wert thou in previous birth a lance,
So erect and upright is thy stance?

With an art of numbers on thee in view
Thou changeth with a drop the hue
Of methyl Orange and Phenolphthalein;
Such clever sorcery has never been!

In thy presence nimble fingers shake,
Conical flasks and beakers break;
And although one is so observant,
One never gets readings concordant.


angika said...

Melikes. Brought back happy memories :D

little boxes said... hates chemistry!!
but nice...

Oshombhober Chhondete said...

There is only one thing that I can say. EXCELLENT. I have always wanted to write one such myself, as in, about our friends who we have met at our workplace :-). But never got to complete them. This one is SO exactly what I have always wanted to do. And yes, I also vehemntly agree with a few of the points you have mentioned. From the philosophical implication of one drop changing the "hue" of Methyl Orange, to the harsh realities about concordant readings, are so true!!!

Please try and post few more like these na. But wait, dont start fantasising about the hi-tech stuff you get at TIFR. I would hate to be a part of the "uninitiated" and get introduced to the topic via a photograph :-)

Megh said...

Yea TIFR ..i thought so indeed