Friday, May 18, 2007


Parched and cracked and grey,
Land looked up at Sky,
His gaping mouth hopeful...
Smooth and majestic and blue,
Sky looked away in scorn,
As if she didn't care a bit.

Land heaved a deep warm breath,
as if to ask,
"Don't you love me anymore?"

Sky could not but be moved.
Her bright face darkened.
Trembling, her cloudy eyebrows met
as she thundered with passionate rage...
"Why must you hurt me always?"

Land's throat became dry,
He just stared in silence...

Sky's eyes filled with tears,
Till she could no longer hold them.
She wailed, she cried, she sobbed,
As Land felt her tears
run down his scorched cheeks.
And Sky cradled him in her arms;
Her breezy hair flowed over him.

When the storm had passed,
Sky said to Land,
"Let's meet at the Horizon at twilight!"

Sky wore her best black dress
jeweled with a thousand stars
and waited all night...
Land strove to reach the Horizon
but never could...
Parched and cracked and grey,
he just looked up yearningly.

Kolkata, 18.5.07,
one of those sleepless nights


sujaan said...

criticisms welcome...also if u can think of a better name, let me know...

Angika said...

I'm thoroughly impressed :) I'll read it again and think hard for something better (if there is).

Angika said...

Mumma has asked me to tell you that it's very pretty :) It is. My favourite so far.

little boxes said...

it is very nice.
the thought is so beautiful....
and the feelings you convey through prosaic words are awesome...

little boxes said...

name it "thirst"

little boxes said...

thanks for the rechristening

angeleyes said...

it is beautifully written.... really good way of expressing ur thoughts.........

Dhananjay Chaturvedi said...

Good Blog! The flow in the poems is exceptional.

Shazia said...

This one is outstanding. Very well written and the words have come out from the heart. Very touching!
Keep it up.