Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dying Souls

It is murder...
To sit at home in the shade
when you can go out in the sun,
To walk along the road
when you can wildly run;
To sit and listen
when you can stand and talk,
To meekly conform
when you can shock!

Yes it is murder...
Not to wonder at the cobwebs
Though you see them everyday,
Not to try to neigh
Though all you can do is bray,
Not to spike your hair
Though they're turning grey.

Do all the things you ever wanted...
Climb the neighbourhood tree!
Jump into the nearby lake!
Yes, live your life care-free!
What use is this existence fake?

In your singular journey...
Why not stop by the shacks?
Why not grab a tea to look around and relax?
Open your mind and see!
There are wondrous things that be...
'Cause if all you can see is your goal,
It is murder of your soul.


little boxes said...

pretty optimistic...
great job there!!!

proma said...

diverse ideas. i like! :)