Wednesday, May 16, 2007


You are encompassing, you are true;
You exist in a single hue.
You give company when there's no light,
Stars are studded in you at night.
You are present everywhere:
In mundane coal and in the panther's stare.
In your darkness, the planets revolve,
Back to darkness, must the stars dissolve.
You are fear, the colour of death,
Poverty's dubious morrow's bread;
But O Calm and the Patient One,
You are understood by none.
Perception is only an illusion-fake:
The colours, that our senses awake,
Red, blue and green around that we find
They are but only in the mind.
You are what we cannot see,
You are the Truth, that will always be.
You are the Universe, you are all
You are God, before whom we fall.


Angika said...

Nice. I like the panther's stare line.

little boxes said...

that's nice stuff...
"riya's reveries"!!
nice nice.

Oshombhober Chhondete said...

Another masterpiece!!! Very novel thinking, I must say. Yes, black is the only colur that exists in a single hue. Never heard of a "light black", "navy black" or "ochre black" (although me and Aashique had once reported "greyish black ppt"). Giving company when there is no light......hmm.....another excellent thinking. No words to praise this one.

I happen to be a person who have spent hours musing on colours, and how we percieve them (had even gone to Eswaran to discuss this following a class on UV-visible spectroscopy). But have never thought it this way. All the other colours are simly our perceptions. Nothing inherent in them. Hmm....

I will just make one more statement. This applies to quite a few of your posts. You are the first person among my friends who pays some respect to rhyme and rhythm. Personally, I prefer these kind of work. Thanks, and Congratulations, for doing it so well.

proma said...

brilliant! the metaphors, the style and the rhyming scheme.
but do u really think black comes in single hue? for instance, if u closely observe the night sky at different time slots, u perhaps would see many shades of black, how the intensity matures, radiating various hues. its magical!