Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Ego of Wisdom

(written in a nursery rhyme kind of a way coz i'm suddenly getting drawn to the simplicity of rhythm)

The fairy swamp had an eerie feel,
With clover carpets by the ocean teal,
With firefly lamps and musky mud,
With succulent slugs and a lily-bud.
Fresh sea-salt and marsh gas in air
and mangroves lifting their skirts with care.
Curtains drawn of silken spider thread,
Mushrooms breathe with gills they spread.

Immersed neck deep in clover quartets,
a lone frog croaked with a pair of crickets...
...a symphony of sorts as they did prance;
While an owl on a branch looked askance,
and frowned, is this some dance by any chance?
Look at thee, the two of three! Humouring a frog!
Piercing the peace, in our beautiful bog!

The crickets gathered their violin strings,
The frog, his drum and feet on springs,

and the trio sang in a triple beat,
and they jumped on alternate feet:

Two plus one they say is three,
an odd number we must agree,
A little less than pi and almost e,

The first prime on the number tree,
Three bears did Goldilocks behold,
To Macbeth
spoke three witches old,
Milford has over it three moons,
and Aladdin was given three boons,

In three base pairs is DNA read.
Three are worlds we shall tread.

Plato split the soul in three,
In three colours the world we see,
Chimera and Cerberus have three heads each,
Three are notes in every chord we screech.
Even thy name, Owl, has letters three
Then why can this trio not sing as free?

The wise owl raised a keen eyebrow,
His voice was low and he spoke just as slow...
I am the Owl, with a three letter name,
I'll beat you at your silly rhyming game,

I shall part your souls in three times three,

Under the three armed branch of this tree.
Badluck comes in threes, they say,
To your three Gods you may now pray,
I love three course meals perched on a log,
especially crickets and a rebellious frog!

So dived the owl and ate the three of them ,
The frog and crickets, with bones and stem.
Others thence came out in two and four
And they questioned not the owl anymore.


little boxes said...

this is beautifully written.more than beautiful it is extremely skillful!havent read anything this good in a long long time.
way to go.

little boxes said...

loved the illustration as well.
the post reminded me of Lewis Carroll and the poem "The Walrus and the Carpenter"
totally love.

silent_rebel said...


Angika said...

This is excellent, Sujaan. The idea, the rhythm and the illustration. Very, very proud!

Arkarup Banerjee said...

Sujaan, this is really amazing.
It reminds me of Sukumar Ray's poetry. Would look forward to more of this kind. :)

Arkarup Banerjee said...

Oh forgot to mention.. I loved the title.

reema said...


what a meticulous scientist!

宜欣 said...
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Sudarsan said...

Enjoyed it.....with mangrove upskirts and all :)

Stylistically similar, perhaps? :P

Mayuri said...

very nice Sujaan..
Keep up the good work! :)

I thought the plot really picked up well in the end.. Loved the lines of the owl :D

However, I read this thinking it is a "nursery rhyme" rhythm but some of the (not simple yet apt) words deny me that beat. :(

Its a lovely poem :) but I don't know if I wanna call it a nursery rhyme.

Megh said...

Read as much as I could ..through your Blog

its 5 am here in Kolkata
and I am suddenly refreshed.