Monday, January 18, 2010

futility on a lazy afternoon

Off his feet,
a crow takes off,
perhaps a little clumsily,
frowning with a scoff
at the static rocks at the sea-face.
Eccentric winds from the bay
lift his form with ease;
Black, strong, and sly,
in the sunny winter sea breeze,
sending him off on an elliptical trace.

A lazy wave
tumbles in, breaks and ebbs,
The wind leaves white messages
in curious cirrus-cloud webs...
Who reads them this winter afternoon?
The ponderous Gulmohur
has caught yet another plastic kite;
Yet another leaf twirls down,
Down an invisible helix in flight
to meet his comrades soon.

An obese bumblebee
weighs down a proud marigold deposed...
And the crow eventually returns,
his claws carefully, tightly closed,
holding onto nothing from a pointless trip.
The static rocks welcome him back.
The sea gapes in dull silence.
On this lazy afternoon that's been so slack,
he clambers on the rocks and gets a grip.


Shazia said...

After every ten crazy days, such lazy afternoons are a welcome break.

Angika said...

Hmmm. Nice idea. Could have been a little less wordy? Dunno. I'm no poetry expert, but this sounds a little forced.

sujaan said...

@angika, every word is carefully chosen, yes, but also to create a images of movement, like the trace of an ellipse, arches, etc... may be you like poems that are simple, personal opinions...

little boxes said...

umm would you be cross if i said i've read better stuff written by you?
but i like the simple inspirations for the stuff you write

sujaan said...

@riya, of course I wouldn't be cross :) ... but I somehow rate this better than most of my earlier poems....

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anirban said...

Brilliant illustration Sujaan!
Wish to see more work

Neel said...

"holding onto nothing from a pointless trip"...brilliant!

Megh said...




Megh said...

Awesome Illustration
It just captivates !