Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Thought Beyond Your Dot

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Annoying glitch,
A pestering itch,
the one that spreads - that sort,
Was your secret lie,
That did not die
in walls your mind had wrought.

Ignorant waste,
Spilled in haste,
On your fabric made a blot.
But one mistake
Could not so break
your threads of sincere thought:

You caught yourself
And brought yourself
Confessed yourself distraught.
But I wish
you had once taught yourself
To think beyond your dot...

In your selfish guilt
you walked away
When I forgave - forgot.
You hid yourself
You slid yourself
When your voice I sought.

I wish
you had once taught yourself
To think beyond your dot.


Angika said...

Hmmm. I'm not sure if 'dot' is the best way to describe what you're trying to say. it doesn't flow with as much ease as your usual poems :)

sujaan said...

The 'dot' refers to the focus... in this case of one's attention... and in concentrating on oneself (which is a minute dot, compared to the rest of the world around), one misses the bigger picture... :)

little boxes said...

i like the last few lines in italics.
reminds me of lennon's line:
"life is what happens to you, when you're busy making other plans."

dreamer said...

It is beautifully written piece..In today's world we all need to think beyond our dots..The line " I wish you had taught yourself to think beyond your dot " will stay with me for some time..Very thought provoking..I wonder though if the quality to feel for others is inherent or can you actually "teach" yourself to think beyond the dot..

sujaan said...

@dreamer, i wonder as well... if one can "teach" oneself to be less selfish...and i think one can...

though a lot of it is inherent...

Arkarup Banerjee said...

hmmm..very nice Sujaan as usual. The expression 'dot' does seem a little out-of-place but somehow makes a lot of sense in "I wish you had taught yourself to think beyond your dot."

And I think one can 'teach' oneself to be a little less selfish, but only in the initial years. By the time we become older, we are so stuck on our ways that any change is very difficult. You should write more often though.

saikat said...

onekdin baade tor blog porlam...oboshho karori blog pori na...internet-e onek panu achhe! ki hobe blog pore time waste kore!

tobe tui toh dekchhi ekdum kobigurur pothe hatchhish. kobita, chhoto golpo, chhobi aanka, uponyash (tor jibontai ekta) ittadi ittadi! ;) ...bah darun!! chitu/prammy gorbito bodh korbe!

onek gulo entry achhe...porte onek shomoy jabe...amar naame kothao mention achhe ki na bol...tahole shetai porbo to drive narcissictic pleasure!

Apexa said...

I am impressed!!!

Apexa said...

Dot to me refers to our perception of the world and everything around us....many of us see the world in a particular way...I so agree with ya...wish I could steal ur thoughts and send it to ppl I know who posses this trait... ;o)