Thursday, April 9, 2009


Love is not dead;
It only hangs directionless
in the night's thick air;
It hangs low with the mist
lazily touching sidewalks,
looking for company in the empty streets
in diffident cats.

Love is not dead;
It only looks around for answers
in the haze of the cold misty air,
where clarity has been deliberately blurred.
It questioningly gazes at the lonely moon,
who herself knows not for whom she shines,
while dogs howl in protest.

Love is still alive
As a lump in the throat,
As a sudden gush in the neck
And in the emptiness of the heart;
It blocks conduits in the body,
which beg for catharsis.
I plead with Cupid to remove the dart.


Angika said...

Wow! Very.. ahem.. unlike you! The last line is very good. Makes the whole thing very.. I dunno.. crisp and complete? Good :)

Deeptesh said...

Nice imagery to begin with.I love the way you use your scientific mind to give love some logic.And you've treated it well as a bodiless abstract proposition that needs human aid to express itself.

Loved the wry humour at places....a bit philosophical exploring the higher truths and didactic.One of your better poems that I have read!!

I just finished a ghost poem.Will blog it next week.Do chk it out then.

little boxes said...

I absolutely love the beginning...and the end.i admire you for writing blank verse...i suck at it.but i love the entire feeling of this doesnt go into complicated metaphors or use high flying language...the imagery is beautiful.i wish i could write like that.

Pshycolitian said...

HMmmmmm has the dart struck u man!? why plead for its removal :D > enjoy while you can :)

Pshycolitian said...

the poem as such... nice small and wonderful. :)

deepteshpoetry said...

Chk out the poem on my blog.This one's scientific.U will like it.

reema said...

i am truly amazed. this is wat i was trying to say that one certain day...

Inam said...

Intense, deeply personal :)

Arkarup Banerjee said...

Good Imagery like most of your poems.I loved these lines the most...

"Love is not dead;
It only looks around for answers
in the haze of the cold misty air,
where clarity has been deliberately blurred."

I agree with you that somethings are best left unanswered..that is probably what you mean by 'deliberately blurred'

sridhar said...

Is this a clue. Something to read into. Especially the deliberately blurred part??

Great poem btw. As always.

sridhar said...

ps: My gossip stocks are running very very low these days!

sujaan said...

no sridhar there's nothin to read into :P
thnx everyone,
@riya, i love ur style too and i know i cant do it as well as u do :) it's not really blank verse, i dint follow any metre, u need a fixed metre in blank verse...

Invictus said...


Invictus said...


sourik_poetsparadise said...

Hello Sujaan,

First of all , I would like to thank you profusely for leaving your precious comments on my poem...thanks a lot!!!
After reading your poem, i loved the way you used your logical and scientific mind to define is true that love is something which cannot be seen or can only be felt...and the feeling is truly magical...
By the way , I have uploaded a new poem on my blog and I would like to have your precious comments on it as well...
So , this humble friend and fellow poet of yours would be waiting for your comments eagerly...

Wishing you good luck!!!