Friday, December 12, 2008

The Fireflies and Night

Photo credit: Vishal Chaudhari

Playful fireflies under the fir,
flirt with Night's darkness;
Night's stillness insults them,
Being aloof and utterly cold.

Flashy display of love,
trying to get her attention!
And Night couldn't care less;
For her taste is grave and sombre...
For Night is of the pristine moon,
Of dark clouds, of soft shadows,
Her fancy captured by Serenity
As Silence on her froze.

Fireflies distract her calm,
Silly jarring distasteful lights!

Yet the fireflies pine for Night:
They burn themselves
trying to reach out to her,
Igniting themselves
with tacky green lights,
crying out, Let me close!
They fly about madly
for a moment of Night's attention.
The flies have their hearts on fire,
And their fault is that it shows.
And Night chooses to look through them,
Yet through Night their love glows.


Angika said...
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Angika said...

Playful Fireflies under the fir
embraced by Night's darkness;
Night's stillness sparks them
fires them yellow and gold
Warm display of their true love
rids Night of its cold
Night has no means
to show how much she loves
But she knows that only in her dark clouds and soft shadows
Their true beauty shows.

Fireflies destroy her calm
With gorgeous, radiant lights

Yet Night pines for them
To burn within her darkness.
She reaches out to them
but cannot
And puts a frosty air instead
that cries, Leave me alone!
Yet the Fireflies burn madly
for a moment of Night's attention
for they know that when the stars twinkle
Night's quiet love shows.
And for eons it shall remain
That through the night, love grows.

P.S. There was a silly typo in the previous comment.

sujaan said...

well, the perspective in my poem was of unrequited love....the theme in ur reaction is somewhat's of inability to communicate...but nice point of view....

Arkarup Banerjee said...

Both the poems are beautiful... They portray different aspects of love...neither more correct than the other.

Angika said...

@ Sujaan: Glad to see that you appreciated it :) But I must say that the USP in all your poetry is the novelty of the concept and the simplicity with which you put your idea across. Like I told you, the picture of Night and Fireflies would never have occurred to me; much less in this perspective. Tres bien :)

Shazia said...

I agree with Angika. In all your poems you draw analogies or personify things so differently...Everytime i read one, it comes to my mind "Mere dimag mein ye baat kabhi nahi aayi".
Good work Sujaan. Keep writing.

little boxes said...

i really like this one...and all the metaphors and analogies you use.

Deeptesh said...

Chanced upon ur blog.Liked ur work.Do c my poems as well on

Inam said...

Nice use of personification, I like the mood you have created, Keep writing :)

zephyr said...

It's a pleasure reading your blog...has a lot of sensitivity to it.

reema said...

hey..niice...strangly lately i hav wriiten abt fireflies as well...

Deeptesh said...

Do check out my new poem.Pls

Arkarup Banerjee said...

I was reading this poem after many days and these four lines seemed to me even more beautiful than when i had read it for the first time....

"They fly about madly
for a moment of Night's attention.
The flies have their hearts on fire,
And their fault is that it shows."