Monday, March 17, 2008

Relieving Sleep

He stared at the ceiling,

as the fan went about its business

carving out circles,

One after the other,

with perfection and diligence.


The lump still in his throat,

his gaze deepened into the darkness.

Paralysed, his thoughts filled the room

with delirious silence.


"Never give all you got...",

his thoughts spoke from beside his bed,

" love or even in friendship!".

A few thoughts, scattered by the circling fan,

protested, "But!", and they dissipated.

Thoughts, snug under his pillow,

said, "Just forget it and move on..."

"But I did so much!", said some selfish thought,

grabbing onto his throat.

From the open window floated in a thought,

and slowly whispered,

"Expectation? Just kill it!"

"But...", said some helpless thought,

as he slowly slipped into sleep;

And troubling thoughts slowly dissolved

into the vortex of darkness, as the fan

carved out circles

with perfection and diligence.


Angika said...
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Angika said...

Woah! My company might not be helping you remember things better, but it's certainly making you a better poet! Now that sounds like something you would say! But guess what - the poem has the thought I was planning to write about!

P.S. The last comment had a typo.

little boxes said...

i think its beautifully written...specially the conversation of the thoughts part.
and i agree...never give all you feel like shit when you have to start from scratch again...
and the connection with the fan...dude.its good.

Ranga said...

This is my first read of the man's creations. This guy is a lot more serious than he seems to be. Extremely well written poem, the first one..

Sudarsan said...

Tis better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. He will come back to you some day.

sujaan said...

@sudi: sorry man, but i can't say i share the same sentiments as you...

kanishq said...

hmmmm...shayad kuch hadd takk tum sahi ho....aur shayad nahin bhi....

sridhar said...

hmmmm. profound!
In agreement with ranga, i cannot imagine a serious side to you . But then, i guess, you too need a vent. sahi hai bhai.
Great job and next time write something happy happy

Shiona said...

it's beautiful.

But I'd try to banish that little thought that says "never give too much, in love or even in friendship"
It takes courage yeah;oodles of it; and sounds like a silly thing to do but it's worth it in the end coz you've been TRUE to yourself