Tuesday, September 12, 2017

To Durga

This earth is you, maa,
  and all that it builds.
My mute flesh, pierced by your veins
  and watered by your blood,
dares to say, I am!

You pulsating in my nerves
  are my emotions,
Making the world stand up,
  as my eyes, unfeeling lenses,
cast images in my brain.

You are not a goddess
  locked inside a temple.
Nor an abstract metaphor.
    But the meaning in every definition.
Insufficient prayers of insufficient words
  mean nothing to you.

Only actions build your form;
  and my ten fingers are your ten hands.
Make them muddy with your earth.
For this earth is you, maa,
  and all that it builds.

#durga #durgapuja #mothergoddess #mother

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