Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rescuing Yeast

(based on an experiment i recently's an ode to my beloved enzyme, and has been written in the traditional epic format, the heroic couplet, with ten syllables in every line...please excuse my nerdiness for this one)

A eukaryote, enolase devoid,
Her elegant budding with craft destroyed,
Well repress'd with doxycycline was she,
Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Essential enolase are you gone?
In-gene-iously before you could be born?
Even with glucose everywhere around
Energy to divide could not be found!
Finally help arrived with craft, at last,
From an unlikely cousin from the past.
'Twas the terrible curse, Plasmodium,
Protozoan, not a bacterium!
The pest also had an enolase gene
But could the gene help yeast was to be seen...
Plasmodium enolase put in yeast,
On glucose Saccharomyces did feast.
With contentment did the yeast grow galore
Budding, flourishing like never before;
P. f. enolase did the job with flair
O' wondrous enzyme extraordinaire!


Arkarup Banerjee said...

Well written.The last line and the epic format does ensure a place for 'Enolase' alongside Achilles or Troilus!!!
This can also be the first slide for all presentation from your lab.
'Gael' will be mighty pleased.

sujaan said...

gael wud kill me if he saw this...and the every time i read it myself it feels more stupid...

Ranga said...

Brilliant! When's ur next experiment? :)
Send it to SciAm, they might just publish it online!

little boxes said...

i loved whatever little i understood :P

Mayuri said...

hey tht was just brilliant!!!


Reiterating the fact that scientists can be fun too! :P

Its something along the lines of the 'Lymphocyte rap' By Shiv Pillai from Harvard Medical school.....check it out on You Tube..:D
You just need a tune to fit this one to..:)

Angika said...

Congratulations on the metre. Very impressive. :)

silent_rebel said...

wah sujaan wah....

reema said...

lol..nice one! i enjoyed readin da comments more!

wide-eyed-vagabond. said...

scattered yet,neat.

you prat ! said...

this could be the best way to teach bio and poetry ...effectively!