Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Ding Dongs and Tick Tocks of my new Life

Old creaking doors,
In old Walton street,
The old wooden staircase,
With a knock-a-knock-a beat.

That's where I live,
By the old Gateway ground,
Where the Arab-Sea grooves
With a whoosh whoosh sound.

Neat cobbled roads
Of Colaba Causeway,
Where BEST buses speed
and go honk-a-honk-away.

That's my hang-out spot,
By the old Sassoon Dock,
I hear the horses' hooves,
go rickety-tock-a-tock.

Life's become a clock,
And I hear the seconds roll,
And I hear all sounds,
But I can't hear my soul.


Dhananjay Chaturvedi said...

One knows just what you feel like! It's amazing how how one's identity and aspirations, life in general get lost in professional pursuits. have I understood you correctly?

Anonymous said...

nice easy rhythm..goes well wid the inner and outer wordplay as well...u must've flt really nice...the outpouring shows...

little boxes said...

the images conveyed are so vivid that i can almost live them...
love the name :)

Shiona said...

:-) u make good ol' mumbai sound so nice and Dickensian...

U cud always make time for ur soul u noe. Even with all the not so soulful stuff u gotta do for your professional life and ambitions. The latter stuff is but a shell for the former to thrive in..

Anonymous said...

lovely words...beautifully crafted!

sujaan said...

thanks everyone...just felt like makin it like a nursery rhyme